10 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You’re Learning Japanese

If you’re not currently utilizing Instagram in your language learning, you’re missing out big time.


One way to use Instagram for learning a new language is as a “studygram,” where you post your daily handwriting practice, journal entries, etc. to hold yourself accountable and track progress. Following other studygram accounts for your target language is also a great way to hold each other accountable, learn together, and make new friends. 🙂

The other way to use Instagram for learning a new language is by following people who offer daily lessons or learning tips. I do follow some of these people on Facebook, too, but I try to avoid Facebook as much as possible these days since it seems like most posts are political and/or negative junk I’d rather not contaminate my good vibes.

Now on to the list!


Honestly, this doesn’t even need an explanation does it? Tofugu is the like the ultimate place to be following on every social media platform if you’re learning Japanese or need to satisfy your regular Japanophile cravings.

Language Level: Beginner to Advanced


Daily posts of Japanese proverbs and lessons by a helpful Japanese native speaker.

Language Level: Intermediate to Advanced


Daily posts of a Japanese word with an adorable illustration. There’s usually a helpful explanation in the caption, as well. Ringo in Japanese means apple, so A Ringo a Day is a play on words of the phrase, “An Apple a Day.”

Language Level: Beginner

@easyjapan_lessons (Crunchy Nihongo)

Mini grammar and vocabulary lessons. The Crunchy Nihongo website is a treasure trove of learning resources, too. They even have an app. (Android only at the moment)

Language Level: Beginner to Advanced


Instagram account for the MLC Japanese Language school in Tokyo. They always post great learning content, and a have a number of free resources and lessons available on their website. Material is organized by JLPT learning levels.  I’ve learned TONS thanks to MLC. They rock!

Language Level: Beginner to Advanced


Learn Japanese with this adorable cat comic. (Neko = cat, manga = comic book). Lots of romaji, which can be helpful for new learners. Having the context of the comic really helps reinforce the language learning. Plus, it’s just so darn cute!

Language Level: Beginner to Intermediate


A mix of vocabulary and grammar. Most posts also include an audio file to hear pronunciation.

Language Level: Beginner to Intermediate


Vocabulary, grammar, proverbs with well-written explanations by Romy Ellis, a native Japanese speaker and teacher.

Language Level: Beginner to Advanced


Such a pretty page to follow. Vocabulary is taught using kana on sticky-notes next to pleasant visuals to really reinforce language learning. I believe the IG user is a native Spanish speaker, so some captions include Spanish, but it shouldn’t hold English speakers back from reading and learning from the content.

Language Level: Beginner


Simple useful phrases in Japanese with a cute little illustration. This is mostly beginner level content, but you’ll definitely need to know your kana for sure.

Language Level: Beginner to Intermediate



Renshuu means practice in Japanese. I meant to include this originally, but I didn’t think they had an IG account. But they do! やーた!!!!Yay!!! I really love the kawaii comic style of learning. Again, having context when learning is such a huge help for me when reinforcing what I’m learning.

Language Level: Beginner to Intermediate

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