APP REVIEW: Hiragana Touch Robo Free


Hiragana Touch Robo


AGE: Any Age (family friendly)

COST: Free

(Do be aware that there are ads with free apps, including this one, which may occasionally not be suitable for very young children. We played this several times and did not see any inappropriate ads, though.)

Description From the Developer:

“Hiragana. It’s a Japanese curvy letter. Let’s study these letters with fun! Find a ball with Hiragana shown by Robo. (10 letters in all 46 letters will be on the test) When you correct, Robo’s power reduced. Now the time to beat the Robo!”


Hiragan Touch Robo is a super simple way to familiarize yourself with the hiragana characters. The only problem I had with this app is that the hiragana characters are difficult to read when they’re bouncing and changing directions. Obviously this is part of the challenge, but young players may struggle to identify the characters when they’re wafting about in strange directions. Overall, it’s an entertaining app, but not one we’ll probably delete after a week when the novelty wears off.


IMG_4974        IMG_4969        IMG_4972


See you later! またね! (matane!)

Shiga Shar

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