About Me

*REVIEWS * I’m totally down for trying out Japanese related products or services in exchange for a review. I have a small, but growing following on social media made up of awesome people with a shared love of all things Japanese. Send me a message to sharmohr@gmail.com and let’s work something out. 🙂


I’m Shar!

A stay-at-home & home educating Michigan mom (of five amazing kiddos!) sharing my love for our Sister State, Shiga, Japan, where I stayed for 10 days in September of 2017 as a part of the Michigan Shiga Sister State Program.

I live in a small town in Huron County, Michigan with little over 3,000 people (most surrounding towns have even less), and my entire county only has about 30,000 people.

Here are a few photos I’ve taken around my my favorite parts of Huron County.

Downtown Bad Axe, Michigan
photo (1)
My family getting ready for a fall hay ride on our little farm (2014)
photo 3 (3)
Port Austin, Beach (2015)


Shiga Shar is the place I share information on the Michigan-Shiga Sister State relationship, Japanese language, culture, & food, homeschool lessons/project ideas, and all things Shiga and Japan related.



Random Facts About Me:

  • I’ve home educated my kids for nearly a decade (started in 2008). It’s challenging, but also rewarding.
  • I’m a certified herbalist and tend to favor the company of plants over people.
  • I’m a hobby henna artist. (You can see some of my art on my personal IG @sharbalina
  • I once won a year supply of 100 Grand candy bars. And ate most of them.
  • My guilty pleasure is watching Tony Robbins videos. I’m actually a bit of a self-help/positive psychology junkie.
  • I don’t watch much TV, but love sci-fi, classic comedies, cartoons, Dr. Who, anime (of course) and anything with Simon Pegg in it.
  • I’m a mediocre guitar and bass player. I want to try shamisen SO BAD!
  • I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart since October of 2000.
  • My left big toenail has a hump in from when it fell off during an accident when I was little. Gross, huh?






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