I’m in the Local Newspaper!

The jet lag from the return trip home reminded me of how that first week of life feels after you have a new baby. I just wanted to sleep, wear my fat pants, and have my husband bring me snacks when I was hungry. For that most part, that’s what happened. And yes, I took full advantage of it.

A few people reached out to hear about my trip, included a friend who works for the local paper. He asked if he could do a write-up about my time in Japan and what in the world made me interested in going in the first place. Once I’d recovered enough to meet, we did an interview, and here’s the final product:

A Japan Experience

I’m thankful for the opportunity to be in the local paper and help share about Shiga and the Michigan-Shiga Sister State relationship with the people in my community. I’ve already had a few great conversations with folks about my time in Shiga and the sister state relationship. I’m pleasantly surprised how excited people are to read and talk about my experiences. 🙂

It feels like a pipe dream at the moment, but I hope that one day all of this leads to local Japanese language classes and clubs, cultural events, or even a little Asian market, especially since many folks don’t have the means to get to the Saginaw area (or farther) even though it’s less than a few hours away.

I plan on starting some of this with my little building that’s coming with the business we’re purchasing next door. She isn’t much, but she’s mine. And the timely arrival of this building in my life feels like maybe my pipe dreams aren’t as fanciful as they seem. Time will tell, I suppose. Until then, a girl can dream….

IMG_7649 (1)





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