Memrise Japanese 1 Vocabulary Worksheet {Levels 1-7}

I’m a proud nerd.

steve urkel
I love you, Steve Urkel.

So making worksheets, flashcards, and other study materials most definitely puts me in my happy place.

These worksheets are specifically for the vocabulary words/phrases in the first 7 levels of Japanese 1 on Memrise. There is a total of 15 vocabulary words/phrases. For each word, you’ll need to write down the meaning of the word and write down the word in hiragana.

For example:

konnichiwa: ko / n / ni / chi / wa                   Meaning:

Write in hiragana

The answer:

konnichiwa: ko / n / ni / chi / wa                            Meaning: Hello, Good Afternoon

Write in hiragana: こんにちは

Writing practice* is easy to overlook when using apps, so hopefully this helps prevent that problem. These worksheets are inspired by the way I did my handwriting practice while learning Memrise Japanese 1. Hopefully someone else will find this practice as helpful as I did. 🙂

*You can also check out THIS free printable worksheet from for hiragana writing practice .

Just click on the link below for the downloadable .pdf file of the worksheets, print them out, and get studying. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Japanese 1 Memrise Level 1 – 7 Practice Sheet


Thanks for reading!

Shiga Shar

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