Dorayaki どら焼き (Sweet Red Bean Pancake Sandwich)

Dorayaki どら焼き

If you’ve ever watched the anime cartoon, Doraemon, you might recall Doraemon’s favorite treat “yummy beans,” which is actually dorayaki.


Dorayaki are sweetened pancakes with anko (a sweetened red bean paste made from adzuki beans) sandwiched between them.  The pancakes are squishy and a bit dense, similar texture to spongecake. And though you might not equate beans with sweet treats, anko tastes a bit like a lightly sweetened pudding or frosting (depending on how well you cook and mash your beans, of course).

In Japanese, dora means “gong,” which is likely how this treat got its name. And yaki in Japanese means “grill” or “to cook over heat.” In some regions of Japan, dorayaki is known as Mikasa, after Mt. Mikasa.

I think they look a bit like an Amish Whoopie Pie.

Amish Whoopie Pies by Thermo Vixens


As usual, my go-to recipe site for Japanese recipes is Just One Cookbook. So please visit Nami’s site to get the full recipe on how to make dorayaki. Her website is beautiful, easy to follow, and full of great Japanese foods.

Because I wasn’t sure where to get adzuki beans where I live in Michigan, I chose Michigan small red beans from our local grocery store. For any Japanese readers, my home region in Michigan is one of the largest produces of dry beans in the United States.


The results:

I LOVE DORAYAKI!!! If you don’t tell your kids that they’re eating beans, they’ll probably try and like it, too.

They’re fun to make and fun to eat, and tasty both warm or chilled in the fridge. Enjoy them with a warm cup of green tea, a cool glass of Royal milk tea, or a cup of coffee.

Before you take a bite, don’t forget to say, Itadakimasu いただきます, which essentially means, “I humbly receive” in Japanese. It’s sort of like saying a power grace before eating food.


Making dorayaki with my kids. A great cooking, math, and culture lesson.


Close up image of my finished dorayki. SO TASTY!

Thanks for reading and……

See you later! またね! (mata ne!)

Shiga Shar

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